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Proceedings of the 2nd Arabian Coast (Oman, 2010)

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20020 Dynamics of the Currents in the Strait of Khuran in the Persian Gulf
N. H. Zaker; P. Ghaffari; S. Jamshidi; M. Nourian
20021 Dynamic Pressures on Curved Front Seawall Models Under Regular Waves
K. V. Anand; V. Sundar; S. A. Sannasiraj
20022 Influence of Change in Water Surface Elevation on Reshaping of Statically Stable Berm Breakwater
Subba Rao
20023 The Seasonal Variation of Mean Sea Level in the Arabian Gulf
Ali Qasem; Peter Hawkes; Clea Denamiel
20024 Development of an Eddy Viscosity Model in Surf Zone
Sabaruddin Rahman; Akira Mano; Keiko Udo
20025 Hydrodynamic Changes Due to Large Seabed Installations in Coastal Waters off West Coast of India
D. Ilangovan; Kirti A. Naik; A. C. Anil
20026 Coastal Protection Alternatives on the Dubai Shoreline
Geoffrey Smith; Christoph Soltau; Maria Le Roux
20027 Laboratory Study on Storm Impacts to a Sandy Beach
Nguyen Xuan Tinh; Hitoshi Tanaka
20028 Modeling of Suspended Sediment Concentration Profiles Fluctuations Under Random Waves with Group Structure
R. D. Kos'yan; B. V. Divinsky
20029 Velocity Approach for Incipient Motion
Hradaya Prakash; R. J. Garde

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