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Wave-induced set-up over barrier reefs under the effect of tidal current

Author(s): Yu Yao; Wenrun He; Changbo Jiang; Ruichao Du

Linked Author(s): Yu Yao, CHANGBO JIANG

Keywords: Barrier reef; tidal current; wave breaking; wave set-up; wave-current flume

Abstract: In this study, a series of new laboratory experiments were performed in a wave-current flume in the presence/absence of tidal current. Experimental results are reported for a variety of combined wave-current conditions based on an idealized barrier reef model. Result analysis shows that the mean water level on the reef flat was consistently lower during the shoreward current (flood tide) than that during the seaward current (ebb tide). Maximum wave set-up on the reef flat decreased significantly as the current flowrate changed from its seaward maximum to its shoreward maximum. A theoretical model, which was derived based on the cross-shore balances of momentum and energy, was proposed to reproduce the wave set-up on the reef flat in the presence of current. The model was then validated by the laboratory data. The key model parameter was found to decrease rapidly with increasing current flowrate.


Year: 2020

Source: Journal of Hydraulic Research 2020 Issue 3

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