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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2020 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
3963 Effect of parameters of pool geometry on flow characteristics in low slope vertical slot fishways
Yun Li; Xiaogang Wang; Guoxiang Xuan; Dongfang Liang
3964 Discharge and force distribution in a sinuous channel with vegetated floodplains during overbank flow
Pedro J.M. Moreta; Juan P. Martín-Vide
3965 A circular cylinder in the main-channel/floodplain interface of a compound channel: effect of the shear flow on drag and lift
Miltiadis Gymnopoulos; Ana M. Ricardo; Elsa Alves; Rui M.L. Ferreira
3966 Three-dimensional flow structure at fixed 70° open-channel confluence with bed discordance
Olga Birjukova Canelas; Rui M.L. Ferreira; Sebastián Guillén-Ludeña; Francisco C. Alegria; António H. Cardoso
3967 Wave-induced set-up over barrier reefs under the effect of tidal current
Yu Yao; Wenrun He; Changbo Jiang; Ruichao Du
3968 Phase and amplitude based characterization of small viscoelastic pipes in the frequency domain with a reservoir–pipeline–oscillating-valve system
Raphael Frey; Michael Güdel; Jurg Dual; Thomas Staubli
3969 A Lagrangian drifter for surveys of water surface roughness in streams
Christian Noss; Kaan Koca; Peggy Zinke; Pierre-Yves Henry; Christy Ushanth Navaratnam; Jochen Aberle; Andreas Lorke
3970 Incipient motion of large wood in river channels considering log density and orientation
Su-Chin Chen; Samkele S. Tfwala; Ci-Rong Wang; Yi-Ming Kuo; Yi-Chiung Chao
3971 Numerical investigation of field-scale geysers in a vertical shaft
Taher Chegini; Arturo S. Leon
3972 An experimental investigation on fish guidance structures with horizontal bars
Ismail Albayrak; Fiona Maager; Robert M. Boes

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