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Numerical simulation of coagulation processes of colloidal particles: a lattice Boltzmann approach

Author(s): Jinfeng Zhang; Qinghe Zhang; Jerome P.-Y. Maa

Linked Author(s): qhzhang, Jerome P.-Y. Maa

Keywords: Coagulation; colloidal particles; lattice Boltzmann method; settling; XDLVO theory

Abstract: Direct numerical simulations (DNS) of the coagulation processes of colloidal particles in fresh and saline aqueous solutions have been performed. The lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) and the extended Derjaguin–Landau–Verwey–Overbeek (XDLVO) theory were used to directly simulate flocculation processes without either solving the population balance equation or using any assumptions regarding the collision frequency, collision efficiency, or type of break-up. Prior to the flocculation simulation, the settling velocity and drag force on a single particle and the short-range forces between particles were checked. The model results fully match the available experimental data. This study shows that the combination of LBM and XDLVO can describe the actual characteristics of fluid motion, colloidal particle motion, interactions between particles, and coagulation in aquatic environments.


Year: 2018

Source: Journal of Hydraulic Research 2018 Issue 6

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