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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2018 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
4078 On the suitability of the generalized Pareto to model extreme waves
Rui Teixeira; Maria Nogal; Alan O'Connor
4079 A bi-directional coupling of 2D shallow water and 3D Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes models
Florian Mintgen; Michael Manhart
4080 Semi-theoretical approach for energy dissipation estimation at hydraulic jumps in rough sloped channels
Michele Palermo; Stefano Pagliara
4081 Implications of the selection of a particular modal decomposition technique for the analysis of shallow flows
J.E. Higham; W. Brevis; C.J. Keylock
4082 Large-scale coherent flow structures in rough-bed open-channel flow observed in fluctuations of three-dimensional velocity, skin friction and bed pressure
Fereshteh Bagherimiyab; Ulrich Lemmin
4083 Free surface flow over square bars at intermediate relative submergence
Richard McSherry; Ken Chua; Thorsten Stoesser; Saad Mulahasan
4084 A numerical model for sediment transport and bed change with river ice
Ian M. Knack; Hung Tao Shen
4085 Numerical simulation of coagulation processes of colloidal particles: a lattice Boltzmann approach
Jinfeng Zhang; Qinghe Zhang; Jerome P.-Y. Maa
4086 Experimental study of instability characteristics in pump turbines
Hongjuan Ran; Xianwu Luo
4087 Experimental and numerical study on transient air–water mixing flows in viscoelastic pipes
Yan Zhu; Huan–Feng Duan; Fei Li; Chen–Guang Wu; Yi–Xing Yuan; Zhen–Feng Shi

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