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Large Eddy Simulation of 3-Dimentional Internal Solitary Wave Propagation

Author(s): Hai Zhua; Ling Ling Wanga

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Keywords: Internal solitary waves; LES; Dynamic coherent eddy model; KdV theory

Abstract: A three dimensional numerical internal wave tank is constructed to investigate internal solitary waves (ISW) in stable stratified two-layer water system. Large eddy simulation of dynamic coherent eddy model is used to simulate the generation and propagation of ISW. Interface mixture and mass transfer on pycnocline is considered in present study which is more realistic than traditional VOF method. Comparisons of internal solitary wave properties between Kd V theoretical solution and numerical solution of present LES model are also made. Good agreements are obtained and it shows that the model has the ability to predict well the kinematics and dynamics of ISWs.


Year: 2012

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