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Effects of Side Weir Shape on Water Surface Profile and Discharge Coefficient of Semi-Circular and Labyrinth Side Weirs

Author(s): H. Zahedi Khameneh; S. R. Khodashenas; K. Esmaili; R. Mansouri

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Keywords: Semi-circular side weir; Labyrinth side weir; Effective length; Discharge coefficient; Water surface depth

Abstract: One of the most important discharge control ways in hydraulic structures is side weir. When there is restriction in the weir length (L), different geometry of side weir is usually used to increase discharge coefficient (C m) value and control on water surface. In present research the labyrinth side weir and the semi-circular side weir have been studied to find the influence of hydraulic and geometry variables on the C m value and water surface profile in channel along the side weir. Two hundred experimental tests were conducted on the semi-circular and labyrinth side weir with different beak angles of side weir, lengths and heights. The results indicated, Cm in labyrinth side weir is 1.8 to 3 times more than rectangular side weir whenθ=45°. Also the discharge coefficient of the semi-circular side weir is 1.5 to 2 times more than rectangular side weir. A comparison between labyrinth side weir and semi-circular side weir illustrates labyrinth side weir has higher Cm values than semi-circular side weir whenθ=45°. Two new equations were developed to calculate Cm.


Year: 2012

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