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2D Numerical Modeling for Impacts of Bank Vegetation on Fluvial Geomorphology

Author(s): Yi Xiaoa; Yan Yanga; Hong Wanga; Xuejun Shaoa

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Keywords: Fluvial process; Vegetation stress term; Non-cohesive bank erosion; 2D numerical model

Abstract: A 2D mathematical model for fluvial processes capable of considering the influence of vegetation and non-cohesive bank erosion is established based on a body-fitted coordinate system in this paper. The authors improved a previously developed simulation model by taking into account the impact of vegetation with a vegetation stress term in the momentum conservation equation. A simple simulation method is adopted in the bank erosion model. Simulation runs were performed for a conceptual alluvial channel under different vegetation conditions, the results of channel plan-form and cross section changes suggest that the 2D numerical model predictions agree acceptable with classic theories of channel pattern formation considering the impacts of bank vegetation.


Year: 2012

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