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Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Gate Lip on Flow Domain Downstream of Outlet Gates

Author(s): M. J. Monazami; M. R. Kavianpour; A. Ahmadi; H. R. Nonahal

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Keywords: Bottom outlet; No aeration; Gate lip angle; Flow domain; Experimental model; Numerical model

Abstract: Outlet gates are one of the main important parts of dam for their specific roles in flow control. Flow through these structures usually faces high velocity flows and low pressure domain. Therefore, under these complex situations, the results of theoretical methods always need to be reviewed and verified by experimental and developed models. There are a number of studies on flow around outlet gates. These studies are mostly focused on flow domain and aeration downstream of gates in bottom outlet conduits. However, less can be found on the effects of gate lips on flow domain downstream. Therefore, this study was conducted based on physical and numerical investigations. For this, scale model of Zhaveh dam bottom outlet (in Iran) was constructed and used at Water Research Institute of Iran. Experiments were performed with the lip angle of 22.5 and the results were used to calibrate the numerical model and then the numerical model was used to simulate the gate with 45degree lip angle. Different heads and gate openings were modeled to determine the effects of gate lip on flow domain. The results showed a reasonable agreement between the numerical and experimental results. A gate lip of 45 degree was also found as the best choice for outlet gates.


Year: 2012

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