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Development of a LBS Based Smart Phone Application for Flood Investigation

Author(s): Jongkook Lee; Juuk Kim; Eunjeong Lee

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Keywords: Smart Phone; Smart Technology; LBS (Location Based Service); IF lood-Terminal

Abstract: Abstract: Recently, smart devices come into wide use and applications are developed based on new technologies (Mobile Internet, Location Based Service). People are using these applications for information producing, collecting and sharing. In this paper, an application (iF lood-Terminal) will be introduced. If flooding has occurred, people can produce, collect and share flood information by using the iF lood-Terminal in real time. To develop iF lood-Terminal, the flood scenarios were reviewed and the application contents were planned. The 1st version of application was focused on figuring out the flood damage. The 1st version provided a function that the user can easily register the flood damage and detail information of the site. This also provides mapping capability using geo coded data. To check the errors and procedures, it was tested in real environments; Nakdong river basin and surrounding areas of Seoul. We performed case studies about the information-sharing capability and monitored expert advices. The final version of iF lood-Terminal can register more details about the flood damage area. The final version can display the flooded map by using the registered data. Also the final version can perform the data export function. Users can utilize other collected data from different devices. If flooding has occurred, user can produce, collect and share LBS coded flood information by this program registered data will help users to figure out flood damages and to establish instant recovery measures.


Year: 2012

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