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Evaluation of Suspended-Solid Source in Tamagawa River Watershed with Continuous Turbidity Monitoring and X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

Author(s): Kazuki Takekawa; Yasuo Nihei; Kentaro Tanaka

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Keywords: Suspended solid; Sediment transport; Sediment rating curve; Tamagawa River; X-ray fluorescence analysis

Abstract: For comprehensive management of sediment of inner bays, we attempt to evaluate suspended-solid (SS) sources in the watershed of the Tamagawa River, a large river flowing into Tokyo Bay, Japan. For this purpose, we continuously monitored turbidity at four stations and conducted X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of riverbed material obtained at many stations. The coefficient b in sediment rating curve in low-flow conditions was found to be larger than that in highflow condition in mountain rivers like the Akikawa River. The results reveal that 67%of total SS transports in the Tamagawa River is transported from mountain rivers and other SS transports are mainly supplied from riverbed materials that are picked up under high-flow conditions. These tendencies are also confirmed through the XRF analysis of bed material.


Year: 2012

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