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Effects of Environmental Factors on the Growth Response of Above-and Below-Ground Parts of Mankyua Chejuense, Endangered Endemic Plant to Jeju-Do, in Korea

Author(s): Hae Ran Kim; Jeong Hoon Shin; Young-Han You

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Keywords: Fern; Soil texture; Flooding; Elevated CO2 concentration; Temperature

Abstract: Mankyua chejuense is a native endangered plant distributed only in a forested wetland Gotzawal, Jeju-do of Korea. In order to determine optimal environmental conditions on growth and development of M. chejuense, we conducted to investigate the above-and below-ground growth response and survival under soil texture (sand and clay), water (water-saturated and water-logging), light intensity (full and shade) and CO 2 +T (ambient and elevated) conditions. M. chejuense had significant effects on all aboveground growth parameters by soil texture, water regime, CO 2 +T, light intensity treatments, while belowground growth response of M. chejuense was significantly affected by water-logging and CO 2 +T. M. chejuensis survived only in full light condition, and the survival rate was about twice as high under the clay, water-saturated and elevated CO 2 +T conditions compared with that of sand, water-logging and ambient CO 2 +T. These results mean that M. chejuense grows well in sand, wet soil condition, high light intensity and elevated CO 2 and temperature situations. Thus, it is need to manage M. chejuense’s habitat to be constant wet soil condition in open area.


Year: 2012

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