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The Forces on a Column Due to Driftage Carried by Solitary Waves

Author(s): Akira Shibuya; Shinichi Arai; Toshihiko Takahashi; Akihiro Aihara

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Keywords: Solitary wave; Driftage; Column; Collision force; Added mass

Abstract: When tsunamis run up onto the land, many residential buildings are collapsed. It is necessary to clarify external forces on buildings for making damages by tsunami disasters into minimum. Collision forces of driftage like a small ship of driftage on a column of buildings are investigated using solitary waves in this study. As the elasticity of the columns is various, the maximum of colliding force changes depending on those. Hence, the momentum of colliding driftage is focused on because the momentum is considered not to change by the material of columns and of driftage. The impulse of the colliding forces and the added masses is examined and some facts emerge as follows: The impulse and the added mass depend both on the colliding velocity and the colliding acceleration. The impulse with the positive acceleration becomes greater than that with the negative one. The added mass is just 1 at zero acceleration. The added mass where the impulse is large is estimated as from 1to 2.


Year: 2012

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