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A TVD-Waf Finite Volume Model for Roll Wave Simulation

Author(s): Ali Mahdavi; Nasser Talebbeydokhti

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Abstract: Based on the nonlinear shallow water (NLSW) equations, a finite volume model is presented to study the development of roll waves in inclined steep channels. The numerical model exploits the total variation diminishing version of weighted average flux (TVD-WAF) explicit method to solve the homogeneous NLSW equations together with an implicit trapezoidal time integration operator for the treatment of source term. The simulated surface profile and flow velocity show very satisfactory agreement with available analytical solution for roll waves. The time evolution of wave amplitude under different undisturbed Froude numbers are investigated numerically and compared with theoretical predictions. Further test includes comparison with numerical results obtained from a high-resolution BGK kinetic scheme. The observed agreement implies the efficiency and accuracy of the present scheme for roll wave modeling.


Year: 2012

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