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Hydraulic Analysis and Optimal Solution for Gravity Irrigation System in the Tidal Areas Under Climate Change Scenarios

Author(s): Viet Hung. Ho; Thi Thu Hien. Le; Thi Ngoc Hang. Mai

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Keywords: Irrigation channel system; Hydraulic characteristics; Water requirement; MIKE11

Abstract: There are many irrigation systems constructed in Vietnam, mainly in the Red river delta and coastal areas of the center of Vietnam. These systems have three main types including: mechanical irrigation with pumping station from irrigation channel in Ha-Nam-Ninh provinces; gravity irrigation affected by tide in Hai Phong, Hai Duong areas, etc and the gravity combined with mechanical irrigation type such as Nghe An province. This paper focused on the gravity channel system flowing through the culverts from rivers influenced by tidal effects. This type of irrigation network is encompassed by rivers only or by river systems and sea. Besides, canal systems are in “tree network” or “close network” shape. Therefore, these properties make the hydraulic regime extremely complex and their abilities of water supply and maintenance practices are also affected. This article provides some conclusions about hydraulic characteristics of irrigation systems in the areas impacted by tide of the North of Vietnam including: discharge, water level, velocity, backwater effect. Assess its irrigation capacity and propose optimal solution under climate change scenarios. These results are obtained by applying the hydrodynamic model MIKE 11 for numerical modeling open channel systems and CROPWAT model for calculating water requirements in Hai Duong provinces, Vietnam.


Year: 2012

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