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Recommendation on Solid Boundary Condition Using Mesh-Free Method Model in Open Channel Simulation

Author(s): Lei Fu; Yee-Chung Jin

Linked Author(s): Yee-chung Jin

Keywords: Open channel flow; Boundary condition; MPS method; Velocity profile

Abstract: Open channel flow is used in various areas around the world in activities such as irrigation, hydropower, water supply, and flood mitigation. Therefore, study of open channel flow is an important issue in environmental hydraulic research. Recently, a new mesh-free method, Moving Particle Semi-implicit Method (MPS), has been developed for water flow simulation as an alternative to traditional mesh-based methods. Free surface can be simulated well using mesh-free methods; however, few open channel flow simulations have been conducted with traditional mesh-based methods due to the lack of boundary conditions and channel bed formation. With its inherent advantages of water surface tracking, MPS should be a powerful tool and a good alternative to mesh-based methods for open channel flow simulation. In this study, a new method for boundary treatment of channel beds in MPS is developed, and the simulation results are compared with experimental data. The comparison shows the ability of MPS to simulate open channel flow and demonstrates that the mesh-free MPS method can be used to simulate open channel flow with various types of bed formations successfully.


Year: 2012

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