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Wave Induced Pressure on Submerged Elastic Plates

Author(s): M. Thayaprabaa; K. Muralia; V. Anantha Subramaniana

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Keywords: Wave-structure interaction; Submerged rigid plate; Submerged elastic plate; Wave induced pressures

Abstract: The present papers discusses about the interaction wave with the submerged rigid and elastic plates and its application as a damping device. For this purpose, experiments were conducted to investigate the hydrodynamic performance characteristics of the submerged elastic plate. The tests were carried out with plates of different elasticity and the depth of submergence was varied for each of the plates. The wave induced pressures were measured on the upper side of the plate at six locations. Efforts were made to quantify the interaction of elastic plates with waves in terms of wave reflection/transmission, energy loss, structural deflection, wave induced pressures and forces. It is inferred from the observations that the elastic plate experiences more pressure than the rigid plate due to the non-linear behaviour of the plate material. It is readily inferred that the pressures are higher in the case of elastic plates owing to dynamic plate deflections. In the case of rigid plate, it acts as a no-flow boundary for the waves passing over. This process is highly modified in the case of elastic plate, which deflects as a result of wave action and thus the magnitude of pressures increase, by about 60-120%.


Year: 2012

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