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Experimental and Numerical Study of Hydrodynamic Cavitation of Orifice Plates with Multiple Triangular Holes

Author(s): Zhiyong Dong; Qiqi Chen; Yonggang Yang; Bin Shi; Xiaohua Ma

Linked Author(s): Zhiyong Dong

Keywords: Hydrodynamic cavitation reactor; Orifice plates with multiple triangular holes; Hole ratio; Cavitation number; Flow field; Hybrid holes

Abstract: Hydraulic characteristics of orifice plates with multiple triangular holes in hydrodynamic cavitation reactor were experimentally investigated by use of three dimensional particle image velocimetry (PIV), high speed photography, electronic multi-pressure scanivalve and pressure data acquisition system, and numerically simulated by CFD software Flow 3D in this paper. Effects of number, arrangement and ratio of holes on hydraulic characteristics of the orifice plates were considered. Effects of arrangement and ratio of holes and flow velocity ahead of plate on cavitation number and velocity profile were compared. Distribution of turbulent kinetic energy and similarity of velocity profile were analyzed. And characteristics of cavitating flow downstream of the orifice plate were photographically observed by high speed camera. Also, a comparison with flow characteristics of orifice plate with hybrid holes (circle, square and triangle) was made.


Year: 2012

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