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Behavior of Wood-Sediment-Water Mixture Flows at Open Check Dam

Author(s): Farouk Maricara; Haruyuki Hashimotoa; Shinya Ikematsua; Tomohiro Miyoshia; Hiroyuki Nagano

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Keywords: Open check dam; Debris flow; Woody debris; Wood-sediment-water mixture flow; Sediment deposition

Abstract: in order to investigate the depositional process of debris flows (wood-sediment-water mixture flows) trapped by an open check dam, experiments were carried out with sediment grains, wood model pieces and a check dam model in a rectangular flume. The results show that the pieces trapped by the open check dam increases in volume with the whole pieces on the fixed bed. However trapping pieces by the check dam model requires sufficient number and volume of wood model pieces moving from the upstream side. The pieces trapped by the check dam model also increases with an increase in their length. The ratio of the size of the opening of the check dam to the scale of pieces is important for trapping the pieces. Furthermore, the accumulation depth of trapped pieces increases sediment deposition behind the trapped pieces.


Year: 2012

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