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Study on H-Va Inundation Analysis Model Considering Sewer Analysis

Author(s): Makoto Takeda; Naoki Matsuo

Linked Author(s): Naoki Matsuo

Keywords: Inundation analysis method; Ground elevation; Sewer analysis; Numerical simulation

Abstract: Inundation analysis methods are widely used and have presented effective information for the examination of measures against water disaster. The inundation analysis model in urban area has been required for the analysis of complex flow which is consist of overland flow, river flow and sewer flow. On the other hand, the detailed ground elevation data are obtained due to the development of the survey technology. In the usual analysis case, average ground elevation of 50m to 100m grid and average water depth in the grid are treated, and the detailed ground elevation data is not used effectively. We have developed the new inundation analysis method that is called h-VA inundation analysis method. The new analysis model treats inundation water volume as unknown value. Inundation water depth is obtained from prepared relation equation between water depth and water volume. The momentum equation without advection term and viscosity term is analyzed for estimation of discharge by considering the characteristics of ground elevation within the grid. Until now, the characteristics of h-VA inundation analysis method are evaluated and nesting model with h-VA inundation analysis has been developed. In this study, the h-VA inundation analysis model with sewer analysis is examined and the validity of this analysis model is shown.


Year: 2012

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