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An Automatic Method of Measurement for Bed-Load Transport Based on H-aDcp Measurements and River-Flow Simulations

Author(s): Taiki Suzuki; Yasuo Nihei

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Keywords: Bed-load transport; H-ADCP; Bottom friction; DIEX method; Data assimilation

Abstract: We attempted to introduce an automatic continuous monitoring system for bed-load transport using Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) measurements and river-flow simulations in the present study to accomplish continuous long-term monitoring of bed-load transport in rivers. We used line velocity measured with the H-ADCP and the Dynamic Interpolation and EXtrapolation (DIEX) method, which were previously presented by one of the authors (Nihei&Kimizu, 2008), to calculate the cross-sectional velocity and lateral profile of bottom friction, which were applied to evaluating bed-load transport with conventional bed-load formulae such as the Ashida-Michiue formula (Ashida and Michiue, 1972). The present system was applied to monitoring discharge and bed-load transport in the Edogawa River, Japan. The results indicate that the discharge and bed-load transport obtained with the present system are in good agreement with the observed data. The RMS values of relative errors for the calculated discharge and bed-load transport were 3.3%for the former and 5.8%for the latter, demonstrating the outstanding performance of the present monitoring system for bed-load transport.


Year: 2012

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