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A Dynamic Interpolation and Extrapolation Method to Evaluate Cross-Sectional Velocity from Point Velocity

Author(s): J. Kashiwada; Y. Nihei; E. Takashima; Y. Yamasaki; M. Ichiyama

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Keywords: Discharge; DIEX method; Point velocity; Float; Data assimilation; River flow

Abstract: This study presents a new technique to evaluate cross-sectional velocity from point velocity data with a numerical simulation, referred to here as the dynamic interpolation and extrapolation (DIEX) method, which has been developed to evaluate cross-sectional velocity from line velocity measured with a Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP). We apply the present method to evaluate cross-sectional velocity and discharge from simulated float velocity at several points derived from cross-sectional velocity measured using an ADCP in the Edogawa River, Japan, under high-flow conditions. The results indicate that the present method can readily be used to calculate the cross-sectional velocity from point velocity. Other results indicate that the relative errors of velocity and discharge evaluated using the present method are appreciably lower than when using the previous method. It should be noted that the relative errors in the present method may remain low even with fewer floats.


Year: 2012

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