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New Flushing System in Pool-Type Fishway During Flood Stages

Author(s): Youichi Yasuda

Linked Author(s): Youichi Yasuda

Keywords: Fishway; Flushing system; Sediment transport; Flood stage; Maintenance; Irregular turbulence

Abstract: Recently, a pool-type fishway with a trapezoidal section has been proposed for the upstream and downstream migrations of multi-aquatic animals by Yasuda. The flow condition in the fishway formed during flood stages can reduce the accumulation of gravel and driftwood, providing a self-cleaning maintenance system for increasing the longevity of its use. The experimental investigation by using a physical model reveals that the flow with a strong irregular turbulence is formed in a pool-type fishway with a trapezoidal section during flooding. The flushing system in the pool has been made clear from video recording and velocity measurement. For the fishway installed at the spillway of check dam, a baffle secured at the upstream end of fishway enables gravel to be flushed easily from the first pool. Experimental and field investigations yield that the installation of the baffle at the upstream end of fishway is more effective for the flushing system.


Year: 2012

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