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Pilot Study on Four-Stage Constructed Wetland for Urban River Rehabilitation in Typical River Network Town, Taihu Lake

Author(s): Jia Haifeng; Sun Zhaoxia; Xu Zenglin; Li Guanghe

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Keywords: Combined constructed wetland; Rapid infiltration; Down-flow subsurface wetland; Up-flow subsurface wetland; Urban river rehabilitation

Abstract: A pilot combined constructed wetland project was described in this paper. The combined wetland was used to purify the water quality of a typical heavily polluted river and improve the hydrodynamic status of the one beheaded river in Luzhi town, which is a typical Jiangnan water town in Taihu lake region. The process of the combined wetland was the"rapid infiltration+down-flow subsurface constructed wetland+up-flow subsurface constructed wetland+surface flow constructed wetland". The result showed that the average removal rate of the whole treatment system on COD was more than 60%, the removal rate on TN, NH3-N could reach more than 70%, respectively, the removal rate on TP could reach more than 50%。Outlet water quality could meet the design requirements The total annual reduction of the whole process on COD, TN, NH3-N, TP was about 3.01 t/a、0.59 t/a、0.12t/a、0.3 t/a, respectively. After the offsite treatment of demonstration project, water quality and flow pattern of the river have been significantly improved.


Year: 2012

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