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A New Method for Boundary Rivers or Coastline Treatment in Watershed Delineation

Author(s): Xiao-Hui Lei; Zu-Hao Zhou; Xiang-Yi Ding; Yang-Wen Jia; Yu Tian

Linked Author(s): Xiaohui Lei

Keywords: Watershed subdivision; Boundary river; Coast line; DEM revision; Watershed of Songhua River and Liao River

Abstract: Watershed division, as one of the most important fundamental works for distributed hydrological model, usually takes boundary river or coast line as the border in some watersheds. However, since there are many river outlets for the boundary rivers or coast line, it would be hard to position the outlets and even miss some small outlets according to the traditional watershed division methods, and the simulated watershed would be with great deviation compared with the research area. As far as the problems above are concerned, the paper hereby proposes a treatment method for boundary river and coast line during watershed subdivision, which is realized through having special treatment to DEM to produce the simulated river network of boundary river and coast line, and selecting the end of the boundary river or any end of the coast line as the outlets. In this way, the work on outlet selection will be greatly facilitated and the coincidence between simulated watershed and research watershed will be promoted. At present, the treatment method has been successfully applied to the watershed of Songhua River and Liao River, which meets Mongolia, Russia and North Korea in northwest, north, east and southeast through international boundary rivers and cross-national rivers and is next to the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea.


Year: 2010

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