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Non-Linear Optimization of a 1-D Shallow Water Model and Integration into Simulink for Operational Use

Author(s): L. Goffin; B. Dewals; S. Erpicum; M. Pirotton; P. Archambeau

Linked Author(s): Benjamin J. Dewals, Sébastien Erpicum

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Abstract: Dam operations leads to discharge changes in the downstream river. Evaluating the impact of such changes can help to improve the management of these hydraulic structures. This can be achieved thanks to a well calibrated 1-D model which offers a very low computational cost. The 1-D model accuracy is mainly a function of the cross sections data as well as the calibration of a roughness coefficient. An original technique is proposed to generate 1-D cross sections from existing 2-D steady simulations. A tuning factor can be added for more flexibility. The Barr-Bathurst law is used for friction. The roughness size is also a parameter to calibrate. The fitting process is achieved, in this paper, by a traditional space scanning method as well as by the simulated annealing heuristic method. The practical case of the River Romanche, in France, is used for illustrating previous developments. Finally, the integration of the model into Simulink is discussed.


Year: 2016

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