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Hybridisation of a Wave Propagation Model (SWASH) and a Meshfree Particle Method (SPH) for Real Applications

Author(s): J. M. Dominguez; T. Suzuki; C. Altomare; A. J. Crespo; M. Gomez-Gesteira

Linked Author(s): Corrado Altomare

Keywords: Meshfree methods; SWASH; SPH; Hybridation

Abstract: Numerical modelling is becoming an essential alternative and complementary tool to laboratory experiments for the assessment of wave transformation and wave-structure interaction phenomena. Grid-based models are not able to represent violent phenomena characterised by large deformations, where meshfree models can be still computationally too expensive. Boussinesq or nonlinear shallow water equation models have limitations due to the approximation of the governing equations: Navier-Stokes equations based methods can model properly the physics of fluid hydrodynamics but still require huge computational capacities. To overcome these drawbacks, a coupling between two different numerical models, characterized by different computational cost and different capabilities, can help to get a holistic representation of phenomenon of wave propagation, transformation and interaction with coastal structures. Therefore, a hybrid method is developed starting from the wave propagation model SWASH and the meshfree particle method Dual SPHysics. The hybrid model has been validated with physical model data providing significantly improved predictions of wave heights, velocities, breaking points, overtopping information and forces exerted by waves onto the coastal structures.


Year: 2014

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