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Review of Hydraulic Performance Studies on Detached Breakwaters

Author(s): F. Taveira-Pinto; D. Vicinanza; V. Penchev; V. Ferrante; R. Silva

Linked Author(s): Francisco Taveira Pinto, Valeri Penchev

Keywords: Submerged breakwaters; Numerical and physical models; Velocity fields; Wave transmission and reflection


Submerged breakwaters are coastal protection solutions against erosion, where a moderate degree of energy transmission is acceptable. Many aspects of this kind of structure have been the subject of research in recent years (structural stability; environmental impacts; hydraulic performance, etc. ). Within the FP7 project Environmentally Friendly Coastal Protection in a Changing Climate (ENVICOP) the specific knowledge of the researchers, in numerical and physical hydrodynamic modelling, is being combined with their relevant experience on coastal dynamics and shoreline management. In this paper, a review of the previous studies conducted by the working group on detached breakwaters is presented.


Year: 2014

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