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A Side-Hinged Planar Wavemaker

Author(s): Wojciech Sulisz; Aneta Dargacz

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Keywords: Side-hinged planar wavemaker; Semi-analytical solution; Nonlinear waves; Cross waves

Abstract: Theoretical investigations were conducted to study the generation of transient nonlinear water waves by a side-hinged planar wavemaker. A three-dimensional solution was achieved by applying eigenfunction expansions and FFT. The derived solution was applied to study the features of nonlinear waves generated by a side-hinged wavemaker including the formation and development of cross waves. The analysis shows that there is a fairly good agreement between theoretical results predicted by the nonlinear model and the experimental data. A reasonable agreement is observed between predicted and measured time series of the free-surface elevations and the amplitudes of corresponding Fourier series. The results also show that wave phases predicted by applying the theoretical models are in reasonable agreement with experimental data. The model predicts fairly well multi-peak spectrums characteristic for nonlinear waves as well as the formation and development of cross-waves. The discrepancies observed between theoretical results and experimental data are probably due to higher-order nonlinear effects that are not included in the theoretical approach as well as wave damping that was omitted in the present calculation.


Year: 2014

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