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Experimental Study of Friction Slope in Unsteady Non-Uniform Flow in Rectangular Channel

Author(s): Magdalena M. Mrokowska; Pawel M. Rowinski; Monika B. Kalinowska

Linked Author(s): Pawel M. Rowinski, Monika Kalinowska

Keywords: Friction slope; Resistance to flow; Unsteady non-uniform flow; Dam-break experiment

Abstract: In the paper, friction slope is evaluated from the St Venant set of equations. A dam-break experiment was designed in order to collect data necessary to apply friction slope formula. The magnitude of momentum conservation equation terms and their temporal variability are presented in relation to friction slope. Results reveals that all terms are of the same order of magnitude; hence, the wave is dynamic. Factors that affect friction slope variability in the dambreak flow are discussed. The study shows that friction slope is affected by non-uniformity and unsteadiness of analyzed flow to high extent.


Year: 2014

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