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Methodology for Flood Resilience Index

Author(s): Jelena Batica; Philippe Gourbesville

Linked Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: Flood resilience index; Functional analysis; Urban systems; Urban flooding

Abstract: Natural hazards, floods especially nowadays stand as the most frequent one posing huge damages to urban environment and urban communities. The need to reshape the existing urban systems and make them able to accept a certain level of disturbance becomes important. The social component of urban system becomes a focus for integrated flood risk management. The way forward is leading to resilience, having in mind all challenges that are obstructing implementation of this new approach. The urban flood resilience methodology brings a new light on existing flood related problems that are urban communities face nowadays. A lot of challenges are posed to build environment and urban communities. Knowing that urban systems have dynamic characteristic and that the changes are visible on daily level regarding new technologies brings a different light to evaluation of flood vulnerability and flood resilience. This puts evaluation of flood resilience and flood vulnerability as one of focal factors in process of reshaping build environment, reducing vulnerability, preparing urban communities to accept flooding and to create flood friendly environment. The paper presents a methodology for evaluation of flood resilience index. Evaluation is done through five dimensions that represent the urban system. This paper is based on analysis of urban systems in Europe and in Asia underlining the vulnerability and resilience approach in rethinking flooding issues. Developed within CORFU project (www. corfu7. eu), the research focuses also on examination of present flood management strategies and their effectiveness in decreasing flood damage and evaluation of flood resilience.


Year: 2014

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