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Comparison of Extreme Storms in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean

Author(s): S. Ponce De Leon; J. Gomez; A. Sanchez-Arcilla; C. Guedes Soares

Linked Author(s): Ana Juárez Gómez, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: A characterization of two extreme storms was made using numerical wave hindcasts produced with the WAM model and wave buoys records in two different basins: the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The results show that despite the different magnitude of the storms generating the directional wave spectra, the spectra had similar distribution over frequencies and directions in both cases. All the single peaked spectra associated with the Quirin storm show the maximum spectral peak around 0. 05 Hz (about 20 seconds). On the case of the Mediterranean storms, having lower wave energy strength the swell absolute peak was at a similar frequency (0. 08 Hz). The North Atlantic storm had longer duration (in average6-7 days) than the Mediterranean storms (4-5 days). The maximum peak period in the North Atlantic was higher than 20 seconds in contrast with the 13 seconds maximum of the Mediterranean storms. The lowest directional spreading associated to the extreme values of Hs (significant wave height) resulted similar in both basins.


Year: 2014

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