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Experimental Study on the Effect of Piers and Boundary Proximity on the Discharge Capacity of a Morning Glory Spillway

Author(s): G. Christodoulou; A. Mavrommatis; T. Papathanassiadis

Linked Author(s): George Christodoulou

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Abstract: The paper presents an experimental study on a morning glory spillway undertaken in connection with the design of a major dam in the island of Corfu, in Greece. The study took place on a physical model at a scale of approximately1: 32. 5. It was found that vortex flow develops around the crest as the discharge increases, leading to much higher than expected reservoir stage for a given discharge. Placing piers on the crest was seen to break up the vortex and decrease the stage significantly. The effect of the number and arrangement of the piers was systematically investigated. Furthermore it was found that removing the nearby wall entirely eliminates the vortex and improves significantly the capacity of the spillway. The experimental results are presented in stage–discharge diagrams and also in terms of the non-dimensional discharge coefficient Cd and compared to theoretical estimates available in the literature. The results show clearly the pronounced effect of the wall proximity as well as the influence of the number of piers employed and can be useful in the design of similar structures.


Year: 2010

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