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Modelling of the Turbulent Diffusion of Algae in a Coastal Environment Through a Stochastic Method with an Exact Integrator

Author(s): A. Joly; D. Violeau; J. -P. Minier

Linked Author(s): Damien Violeau

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: The transport of algae along a coastline is a necessary consideration for the sustainable management of beaches and coasts, including any structure built along the shoreline. This usually requires precise numerical modelling. Unfortunately the length scales necessary to model accurately the flow regime in the vicinity of said structures are far greater then the length scales of turbulence, which play a major role in the transport of algae through turbulent diffusion. To ease the calculations, a stochastic method is introduced, which has the advantages of being able to retrieve information from a large scale numerical simulation and use it to model accurately the small scale processes. Therefore an industrial twodimensional Shallow Water Equations solver is used to model the flow (depth-averaged velocity and water depth) to which a stochastic model is added. The latter is solved using an exact integrator scheme allowing the use of an arbitrary time step. The numerical model thus achieved is first analyzed for the case of a diffusion only scenario. A qualitative test is then performed using the flow regime of a real harbour.


Year: 2010

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