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Determination of Residence Times in Semi-Enclosed Coastal Lagoons with Mathematical Models

Author(s): A. I. Stamou; P. Dimitriadis; C. Memos

Linked Author(s): Constantine Memos, Anastasios I. Stamou

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Abstract: A methodology to determine residence times in semi-enclosed coastal lagoons is presented and is applied in the lagoon of the Saraya development in the Gulf of Aqaba. An integrated hydrodynamic-water quality model is employed to illustrate the future conditions of the lagoon regarding water circulation and renewal due to tidal forcing and water discharges into the lagoon from three cascades. The integrated model uses the 3-D fundamental hydrodynamic equations and the convection-diffusion equation for a conservative tracer. Calculations showed that the lagoon has very good water quality characteristics. For all conditions examined, RT values were lower than 5 days in all regions of the lagoon. The average RT values ranged from 2. 5 to 2. 9 days. Relatively high RT values (approximately 3. 7 days) were observed far from the inlet of the lagoon, while close to the inlet of the lagoon maximum RT values were lower than 1day. The effect of the cascades on RT was significant. The average RT values were reduced to 0. 2 and 0. 5 days, when100% and 50% of the total cascade flows were taken into account, respectively. The effect of the tidal range on the value of RT was not very pronounced; as expected, RT values increase with decreasing tidal range.


Year: 2010

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