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1D Computation of Open-Channel Flow Division at a 90° Intersection

Author(s): G. Kesserwani; J. Vazquez; N. Riviere; Q. Liang

Linked Author(s): Georges Kesserwani, Qiuhua Liang

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: Existing 1D dividing models depend on a given steady flow regime, thus are incapable when dealing with transitory junction flows. Also, their strong nonlinearity does not always guarantee stability if coupled with the Saint Venant numerical solution to link flow data at the junction. Hence, this work put forward a new unsteady mathematical model that deals with flow divisions at right-angled open-channels junctions. The model is based on an explicit involvement of side-weir model within the 1D Saint Venant equations. By particularly setting a zero crest height at the junction region, the new model is numerically solved to predict the 2D pattern of the flow. An upwind implicit numerical solver is therefore employed to compute the new equations. The performance of the proposed technique in predicting super-, trans-, and subcritical flow bifurcations is illustrated by comparing with experimental data and/or theoretical predictions. In all the tests, the new technique successfully reproduces the lateral-to-upstream discharge ratios with a maximum error less than 9% .


Year: 2010

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