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2-D Numerical Model for the Bedforms Evolution

Author(s): Mikolaj Karpinski; Robert J. Bialik; Pawel M. Rowinski

Linked Author(s): Pawel M. Rowinski, Robert J. Bialik

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Abstract: In this paper a 2-D model for the bedforms dynamics is developed and employed in the numerical computations. This model consists of two main components namely: (1) cellular automaton model for flow velocity field; and (2) model for sediment particles transport. Each of them is described in details. The first part of this study focuses on the cellular automaton model that is used for simulation of the flow velocity field. This method retains the vertical mean velocity distributions on the shift and lee sides of the bedform. On the other hand, the second part of the paper is devoted to the model for sediment particle transport. In this approach the main physical processes that govern the sediment particles behavior (i. e. entrainment, deposition, transport and inter-particles interaction) are taken into account. The deposition of particles is considered as a stochastic process. Moreover, the simulation of the particle movement is based on the balance of fundamental forces exerting on the spherical particle in the fluid, (i. e. drag, lift and gravity). The numerical algorithm, employed in the computations, is discussed in details. The preliminary results show that this model may be a useful tool for analysis of the evolution of small bedforms as sand-waves and the flow conditions required for their formation.


Year: 2012

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