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Adaptive Local Time Stepping with Rkdg2 Water Wave Model on Nonuniform Grids

Author(s): Georges Kesserwani; Qiuhua Liang

Linked Author(s): Georges Kesserwani, Qiuhua Liang

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Abstract: We investigate explicit local RKDG2 (second-order RungeKutta Discontinuous Galerkin) solutions with the inhomogeneous SWEs (Shallow Water Equations) on nonuniform meshes with local time steps. The incorporated LTS (Local Time Step) algorithm was recently designed and tested for homogenous hyperbolic PDE (s) and was featured by its locality and second-order accuracy Two LTS-RKDG2 schemes that adapt three and four levels of LTSs are configured based on two adaptive meshes that, respectively, adapt two and three levels of refinement. Hydraulic tests are used to verify the LTS-RKDG2 schemes by comparing their performance with their conventional Global Time Step RKDG2 alternatives (GTS-RKDG2). Our results show that the LTS-RKDG2 models produce similar predictions as the GTS-RKDG2 models but with less computational effort reduced by a factor of 1. 3 to 2. 3times depending on the test case.


Year: 2012

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