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Modelling the Flow in an Experimental Flume with Submerged Rigid Cylindrical Vegetation Elements

Author(s): Anastasios Stamou; Georgia Papadonikolaki; Anthi Gkesouli

Linked Author(s): Anastasios I. Stamou

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: Preliminary 3-D calculations were performed to model the flow in an experimental flume with submerged rigid cylindrical vegetation using a CFD code that employs the Scale Adaptive Simulation (SAS) concept. From the comparison of the calculations with experiments and LES calculations the following conclusions are drawn: (1) SAS calculations are encouraging; they reproduce the experimental two-layer flow that consists of the vegetation layer and the surface layer with an inflection point at the interface and they reveal all main recirculation areas that were identified in the LES computations; (2) experimental time averaged streamwise velocities are well predicted by SAS in the surface layer; however, they are overestimated in the vegetation layer, between and in front of the cylinders. Calculated vertical velocities show a more uniform distribution in the vertical direction compared to experiments; in the surface layer the agreement of vertical velocities with measurements is generally satisfactory; (3) calculated turbulence intensities show a satisfactory qualitative agreement with experimental data; horizontal values are well predicted in the surface layer and in the regions of free flow of the vegetation layer. However, in the vegetation layer experimental values are underestimated; this underestimation is more pronounced in the vertical direction.


Year: 2012

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