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Comparison of Physical Modeling and CFD Simulation of Flow over Spillway in the Kavsak Dam

Author(s): Mehmet Ali Kokpinar; Serife Yurdagul Kumcu; Izzet Ozgun Guler

Linked Author(s): Mehmet Ali Kökpinar

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Abstract: A comparative study was made for flow over a spillway structure using results obtained from physical modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. The Kavsak Dam spillway which is located on the Seyhan River in south of Turkey, was selected to make this comparison. The dam consists of a 52 m high RCC dam body, three radial gated spillway chute located on the dam body, 80 mlong stilling basin, and 180 MW power house. The 1/50-scaled physical model was used in conducting experiments. Pressure taps were installed along the entire length of the spillway chute and stilling basin. Flow depth, discharge and pressure data were recorded for 3 different flow conditions as; low, mid, and high. A commercially available CFD program, which solves the Reynolds-averaged NavierStokes (RANS) equations, was used to model the numerical model setup. Discharge rating curves and pressures are used to compare the results of the physical model and the numerical model. It is shown that there is reasonably good agreement between the physical and numerical models for both pressures and discharges. The absolute percent differences between physical modeling and CFD simulation results in discharge estimation for Q1000 and Q10000 are found as 3. 70% and 2. 30% , respectively. It is seen that numerical methods can be used to provide an effective tool in the design and analysis of spillway flows.


Year: 2012

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