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Experimental Characterization of Straight Compound-Channel Turbulent Field

Author(s): Ricardo Azevedo; Luis Rojas-Solorzano; Joal Leal

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Abstract: Straight compound-cchhaannnneell flows have been studied by many authors, mainllyy ccoonncceerrnneedd wwiitthh mmeeaann ffllooww vvaarriiaabblleess. . Detailed information on the complex turbulent field of these flows is still scarrccee. . IInn tthhee pprreesseenntt ppaappeerr hhiigghh ddaattaa rraattee measurements were obtained for the streamwise and vertical velocity components, using a 2D Laser Doppler Velocimeter in a experimental compound flume. The filtered velocities time series allowed the computation of relevant turbulence statistics: autocorrelation functions, dissipation spectra, turbulence scales and dissipation rate, . The results are anaallyyzzeedd bbyy ccoommppaarriissoonn wwiitthh uunniivveerrssaall llaawwss drawn for isotropic turbulent 2D fully developed ooppeennchannel flow. The presence of strong secondary currents does not affect the universal law in the floodplain, as long as the constants are changed. In the main cchhannel the 3D behavior of the flow is more pronounced and the universal laawwss ffaaiill ttoo rreepprroodduuccee aaccccuurraatteellyy tthhee eexxppeerriimmeennttaall rreessuullttss. .


Year: 2012

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