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Transient Model Test of Surge Tank Reisseck 2

Author(s): W. Richter; H. Knoblauch; G. Zenz; M. Larcher

Linked Author(s): Michele Larcher, Helmut Knoblauch

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: The breakwater, designed for Hs=15 m and Tp=18 s, is a3,354 m long rubble mound structure with 40 m max. depth, builded with 150 t concrete cubic blocks on the seaward side (2:1 slope), a filter with two 15 t block layers and a layer of 1 t stone and a riprap core. The harbour side is composed of 50 t blocks (1.5: 1 slope) and with 5-0.5 t stone filters. It is crowned with a parapet at 25 m. Several construction stages were studied, involving: 1 t armour stone for core protection, one of the two layers of150 t blocks and several layouts for the temporary crown protections, using 150 and 50 t blocks.


Year: 2012

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