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Sustainable Water Resources Management of River Oases Along the Tarim River in North West China on Different Scales

Author(s): Markus Disse; Patrick Keilholz; Lina Kliucininkaite

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Keywords: SuMaRiO; Tarim River; Groundwater; MIKE SHE; MIKE BASIN

Abstract: During the past five decades intensive exploitation of water resources, mainly by agricultural, has changed the temporal and spatial distribution of water resources and has caused serious environmental problems in the Tarim River Basin. Therefore, the overarching goal of SuM a Ri O project is to support oasis management along the Tarim River under climatic and societal changes. The local research site has a size of 85 km2and is part of the nature conservation reserve near Yingbazar city due to unique stock of natural Tugai forest. The depths to phreatic groundwater surface and salt concentration in water have the highest impact for the forest. In addition, expansion of irrigation fields is recorded on the research site. Data of installed groundwater gauges and remote sensing data will help to analyze the impact of irrigated and flooded areas on groundwater. To analyze the latter impact, as well as changing land use and climate, MIKE SHE (DHI-Wasy) model will be used. As the Tarim River Basin occupies 1. 02 x 10 8 km 2, rescaling to the regional scale is essential. For addressing water allocation, conjunctive use, water quality issues and surface water interaction with groundwater, GIS-based model MIKE BASIN (DHI) is employed to meet these objectives for the regional and Tarim River scale.


Year: 2012

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