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Fish-Friendly Trashracks: Headloss Formula and Clogging Effect for Inclined Racks

Author(s): Raynal Sylvain; Chatellier Ludovic; David Laurent; Courret Dominique; Larinier Michel

Linked Author(s): Laurent David

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Abstract: Experimental results for fish-friendly trashracks placed in an open water channel are presented. Trashrack models with different bar shape, spacing and inclination are tested. The numerous configurations provide results on head losses which are fitted by a new formula which takes into account all these parameters. It especially separates the blocking ratio due to bars, which is impacted by the inclination, from that due to transversal elements, such as spacer rows, whose effect on the flow is not altered with the rack inclination. Clogging, which is more likely to occur more on grids with thin space between bars, was simulated with a set of perforated plates. Its influence on head losses has been investigated, and a small adaptation of the formula proposed for clean grids was sufficient to obtain satisfactory results for clogged ones.


Year: 2012

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