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Uncertainty in Computations of the Spread of Warm Water in River

Author(s): Monika B. Kalinowska; Pawel M. Rowiński

Linked Author(s): Monika Kalinowska

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Abstract: A prerequisite for the construction of gas-steam power plants is the evaluation of the threats caused by heated water discharged into a river and it obviously should be a part of Environmental Impact Assessment. The present study draws from the case studies’computations aimed at building scenarios of spread of heated water discharged from designed gas-steam power plants in actual rivers. Authors aim to share their experience in the use of an up to date model on spread of warm water jet in a river in the light of the scarcity of proper data. In this study the heat transfer has been considered in two-dimensional domain. In general case heat transport may be represented by depthaveraged advection-diffusion equation with relevant source (sink) terms. Then the dispersion coefficients form a nondiagonal dispersion tensor with four dispersion coefficients and particular attention will be paid to the role of all components of that tensor. Other sources of uncertainty will be briefly discussed as well.


Year: 2012

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