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Analysis of Hydropwer Potential in an Alpine Catchment Area with the GIS Tool Vapidro-Aste

Author(s): Christopher Schreiber; Josef Schneider

Linked Author(s): Josef Schneider

Keywords: GIS; Hydropower potential assessment; EU project

Abstract: In the Alpine region, hydropower is the most important renewable energy source. The majority of the potential is exploited, but sustainable use of the remaining potential is important to meet the targets defined by the European Union regarding renewable power production. One objective of the EU project"SHARE" (Sustainable Hydropower in Alpine Rivers Ecosystems) is to establish a tool to identify promising sites for hydropower plants. Water resource assessment requires the handling of multiple forms of spatial data and therefore Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used. The GIS-tool developed during the project is called Vapidro-Aste. Based on ESRI`s GIS software Arc GIS, it is a powerful tool for manipulating, analysing, and displaying spatial data. The paper will discuss the GIS-based assessment of hydropower potential and the important role of GIS tools in natural resources development, using a case study in an Austrian alpine catchment area.


Year: 2012

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