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Detecting Turbulent Eddies by Means of PIV in a Vertical-Slot Fish Pass

Author(s): Sokoray-Varga Bela; Weichert Roman; Lehmann Boris; Nestmann Franz

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Abstract: While turbulence in fish passes is commonly indicated as a flow feature influencing fish swimming performance, it i not clearly shown which feature of turbulence i determinative. Since scale effects are suspected to play a major role, our research has the objective to measure features and scales of turbulent eddies in a vertical-slot fish pass. The present paper deals with the applicability of a PIV-system to detect pool-geometry specific turbulen eddies. It shows the preliminary results of a firs measurement carried out with a 200 Hz time-resolved PIV system in a scale model. This system enables both the detection and the tracking of large eddies thought to have the greatest impact on fish swimming.


Year: 2012

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