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Prototype Measurements of Flow in Casings of Pelton Turbines-Measurement System, Calibration and Results

Author(s): Alexander Arch; Dominik Mayr

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Abstract: In this paper results of prototype measurements are presented concerningg tthhee ddiissttrriibbuuttiioonn ooff tthhee ffllooww just above the tailrace water level coming down from the Pelton wheel. The measurements have been realized by using a newly developed measuring technique based on pressure probes. The measurement system and calibration is desccrriibbeedd. . TThhee iimmppaacctt vveelloocciittyy ooff tthhee wwaatteerr ppaarrttiicclleess oonn tthhee surface of the tailrace water, diameters of the droplets coming down from the runner and their distribution over the casing section are presented.


Year: 2012

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