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New Approach for Determination of Model Parameters of a Rainfallrunoff Model for Ungauged Catchments

Author(s): Claudia Rojas Serna; Claude Michel; Vazken Andreassian; Charles Perrin; Cecile Loumagne; Marco Antonio Jacobo Villa; Agustin Felipe Brena Puyol

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Abstract: This research concerns the determination of mode parameters of a rainfall-runoff model for ungauged catchments. The main idea is to use the minimal number of measured flows in order to estimate model parameters. The approach proposed to optimize the parameters based on the use of a “a priori” knowledge of these parameters. The “a priori” information is made of an “a priori” ensemble of parameter sets, and the optimal parameter set is chosen in order to minimise the deviations when comparing some specific measurements of flow to the flows computed with individual parameter sets. In this case, two differen methods are evaluated: one consists of seeking the optimum set among 3p sets of parameters for a model having p parameters in its structure. The other method chooses the parameter set among those of selected gauged catchments on the basis of similarity of physical and climatic characteristics. This work concerns also the research of the best strategy of acquisition of flow measurements. The objective is to plan these measurements during the days when the potential of information is the best to discriminate, among the sets of parameters candidates, the one which has the most chances to be effective. The main result of this research is that the measurements should be done on the days when the flow takes his highest possible values.


Year: 2012

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