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Coupled 1-D and 2-D Modelling of a Navigation-Lock Filling and Emptying

Author(s): P. H. Vancaster; A. Escarmelle; J. M. Hiver; Y. Zech

Linked Author(s): Yves Zech

Keywords: Navigation locks; Cross culverts; Lock chamber; Finite volume; Tangentialmomentum

Abstract: This paper presents a model of a navigation-lock filling and emptying. The fillingemptying system consists of two longitudinal conduits inside the side walls with a number of short laterals uniformly distributed. A 1-D numerical model to simulate the flow in the pipe network is coupled to a 2-D model to describe the water level evolution in the lock chamber. The discharges to or from the laterals are determined from the 1-D model and are used as boundary conditions of the chamber modelling which is a two-dimensional unsteady free-surface flow problem, governed by the Saint-Venant equations. For solving this system of equations, a finite-volume scheme with flux-prediction is used including the tangential momentum transfer. By means of an example, it is shown that the 2-D model allows to visualise the transversal slopes, often predominant, occurring during the lock filling-emptying, while classical 1-D models would only depict negligible longitudinal slopes.


Year: 1999

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